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  1. SKU 2639 RD 5-RFF
    Tacori Dantela Engagement Ring

  2. SKU HT 2546 2.5 RD 9-RFF
    Tacori Petite Crescent Engagement Ring

  3. SKU 57-2 RD 6.5 W-RFF
    Tacori Sculpted Crescent Engagement Ring

  4. SKU 2651 OV 7X5 W-RFF
    Tacori Simply Tacori Engagement Ring

  5. SKU HT 2547 CU 6 W-RFF
    Tacori Petite Crescent Engagement Ring

  6. SKU HT 2547 1.5 CU 6 W-RFF
    Tacori Petite Crescent Engagement Ring

  7. SKU HT 2545 RD 7 W-RFF
    Tacori Petite Crescent Engagement Ring

  8. SKU HT 2545 1.5 RD 6.5 W-RFF
    Tacori Petite Crescent Engagement Ring

  9. SKU HT 2515 RD 6 1/2X W-RFF
    Tacori Reverse Crescent Engagement Ring



If the ritual of engagement rings has evolved over time, the tradition of offering a jewel for love has existed since time immemorial and has been perpetuated in many countries, social circles, and religions. From ancient Rome, engagement rings have been a piece of jewelry that is offered as a symbol of commitment.

One of the most important moments in your life will the proposal to have someone marry you. Choosing an engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most difficult steps. Will she like it? Is it the right shape? Have I reserved the right budget for it? Is the jewelry of good quality? How can I be sure?

So many questions men have asked themselves and which deserve answers. Raffi sees is as essential to bring you incredible designers to embark on the adventure of a lifetime without feeling lost.

If you are in Cambridge, Ontario, don't miss the chance to appreciate Tacori's signature bridal collection that includes classic and modern choices like the solitaire and haloed engagement rings, or more antique rings in original and creative designs.

Here at Raffi's, we only work with the best Canadian brands, and one of the highlights of Tacori's engagement rings is the craftsmanship in the seal of the stone in the platinum setting that involves great skill and years of experience.

Engagement rings are valuable objects and their acquisition requires a certain budget. Despite everything, focusing exclusively on the budget is not ideal, it is better to favor a truly personal ring, which will match your soon-to-be wife, rather than a very expensive piece of jewelry that does not look like her. The best ring is one that reflects the intensity of your feelings and represents how you see the woman of your dreams.

Remember your future wife will wear her engagement ring for many years. As she ages, she must not tire of a jewel that no longer meets her requirements. If you are unsure, try to project yourself and imagine if she will still wear this jewel in ten years.

If if you hesitate between two of Tacori's engagement rings with different styles, it is better to surprise your fiancée on the rise with a piece of jewelry that is the more impacting one.

Tacori favors platinum styles that reflect the light well and can keep its color much longer than gold. It is also a safe bet if you are concerned with allergies or even having a jewel that requires low maintenance.

Our charming selection showcases solitaire engagement rings with beautiful center stones. Halo engagement rings with the paving of diamonds around the center stone, over the band, or both.

If your girl appreciates a vintage style, we assure you she will not find our antiques in her friends' hands. If she is shy and reserved, we offer sober designs that from time to time sparkle elegantly. If she is a go-getter, enhance her natural beauty with a stronger color.

Tacori is a trusted brand that specializes in bridal jewelry with one-of-a-kind designs from formidable creators and antique masters. Select a design from Raffi jewelers and not only her, but her friends and family esteem you for your good taste.

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