Maple Leaf Diamonds

Maple Leaf Diamonds

Maple Leaf Diamonds were formed underground over three-billion years ago in Northern Canada, where they lay dormant, under the frozen tundra, waiting to be discovered. Today, the pristine Canadian North has become symbolic of the purity and beauty of Canadian Diamonds, which are ranked among the world's most exquisite and brilliant gems. These natural and untreated diamonds bear a distinct maple leaf insignia and tracking number that traces the journey of each diamond from the rough crystal to the finished treasure, guaranteeing its Canadian origin.

For decades, the 4Cs - colour, cut, clarity and carat weight - have constituted the general guidelines for choosing a diamond. Today, there is a 5th C to consider: country of origin, namely Canadian. Maple Leaf Diamonds are sourced directly from the Ekati and Diavik diamond mines, located in Canada's Northwest Territories.

Canada's magnificent gems were once buried under fields of ice 3,000 metres thick. As the glaciers melted, the indicator minerals that traditionally lead geologists to the source were spread out over thousands of kilometres across the tundra.

In 1991, after more than a decade of exhaustive exploration under extreme conditions, Canadian geologist Charles Fipke culminated his heroic quest for diamonds with the discovery of what is today the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories. As a result of this and subsequent discoveries, Canada has become the third largest supplier of gem quality diamonds in the world.

Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds are mined in strict accordance with the social, environmental and labour practices outlined in the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. This code, based on the Competition Bureau of Canada's Enforcement Policy on the Marketing of Canadian Diamonds, requires each Canadian diamond to be tracked for its entire journey, from point of extraction through the cutting and polishing process to the retail jeweller.

The monumental task of locating these diamonds represents one of the greatest achievements in the history of diamond exploration.

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