Gucci Fine Jewellery

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    Gucci Interlocking G Ring

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    Gucci Interlocking G Ring

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    Gucci Link To Love Bracelet

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    Gucci Link To Love Earrings

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    Gucci Link To Love Ring

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    Gucci Interlocking G Ring

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    Gucci Interlocking G Ring

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    Gucci Interlocking G Bracelet
  9. SKU YBA662106001-RFF
    Gucci Link To Love Bracelet



The legendary Italian fashion house Gucci, now over a century old, has been a stylistic force from the beginning. This influence has extended to the Gucci lines of fine jewellery, silver jewellery, fashion jewellery and watches, which are found in the collections of celebrities around the world.


First appearing on the scene 50 years ago, Gucci jewellery is something to behold and something to be treasured, a symbol of impeccable fashion sense and of the wearer’s unwavering devotion to la dolce vita. A piece of Gucci jewellery is a statement, often bold in nature, that demands attention.


With creative director Alessandro Michele at the helm, Gucci has reinvented itself once again and, in the process, redefined luxury for the new era. One of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands, Gucci represents the pinnacle of Italian creativity and craftsmanship.


Whether you’re looking for fine jewellery earrings bearing the distinctive Gucci horsebit design, a timepiece featuring the iconic Gucci stripe, a pendant with the elusive Gucci Ghost, or a gold or silver ring with the iconic GG logo, this house of style has it all and more.


You can discover your ideal Gucci gift of fine jewellery, silver jewellery and timepieces here. Or you can view the entire Gucci collection at the Raffi Jewellers Flagship Boutique in Cambridge, ON, or the Raffi Jewellers at Conestoga Mall located in Waterloo, ON.


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