2000 4000 - Simon G - Engagement Rings

  1. SKU MR2881-A-RFF
    Simon G. Solitaire Engagement Ring

  2. SKU LR1132-RFF
    Simon G. Twisted Halo Engagement Ring

  3. SKU TR526-RFF
    Simon G. SG Halo Engagement Ring

  4. SKU TR431-A-RFF
    Simon G. SG Solitaire Engagement Ring

  5. SKU MR1686-RFF
    Simon G. SG Wedding Set

  6. SKU MR1596-RFF
    Simon G. SG Engagement Ring


Simon G.

The story of Simon G. is the story of passion for the process, artistry and precision behind the creation of engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery. For close to 40 years, this family business and its team of expert designers has built a reputation for creating flawless custom jewellery.


Working from design studios in Los Angeles, the Simon G. team applies unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail to every commission. Simon G. specialties include the making of diamond engagement rings that are designed to catch your eye from the first glance and hold your attention forever.


Their designers have decades of experience in creating custom jewellery and expertly crafting all the beadwork, filigree and engraving in each piece. A diamond engagement ring is a forever gift and these creations—with alloyed metals and rock-solid settings—are engineered to last a lifetime.


Simon G. diamond engagement rings feature hand-set arrangements and utilize a patented four-prong setting to better secure and protect the diamonds. The company’s standard for quality and craftsmanship is unmatched, further ensuring that these diamond engagement rings have genuine staying power.


Start your search for a truly unique Simon G. engagement ring here. Or visit the Simon G. collection of fine jewellery in person at the Raffi Jewellers Flagship Boutique in Cambridge, ON, or Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, ON.


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